— Rayan Riener

Mankind, at the moment, — it's a cancerous tumor, on the body of the Earth, a parasite... Collective unconscious — "humanity — king over animals", — is not true. We not only do not yield to microparasites, but also surpass all the complex forms of helmint

I want to show you something on these pictures attached to the post. This is my first cover for the collection of "13", which I have made for sure in the distant 2012 year. On the photo I am, and the processing of the photo and photoshop was made by my friend Sergey Neustoriev of Nikopol! ! 

Since Matthew Grant makes a new cover, you've seen a sketch, you have some time to buy a build with an old retro cover and save it if you want.


The first readers have already started to buy the collection in English. I look forward to hearing from you. This is a very interesting collection, very specific. I expect a great discussion with the readers about the works presented on the pages.

I will now be working on the translation of my larger work "Mars &!" Based on the Mars One project and its implied effects presented in the work. This is a common universe with the world "To Mars," with which you are already familiar.

I also have a lot of work with what I already have. The editor is constantly making new changes and I have to fix it all as soon as possible for those who are waiting for the final version and want to get the best quality. The quality of my literary product is growing in joy to you and me! ! Thank you for buying my books on Amazon.

P. S. On the second photo photo from 2012, as I then looked. As I walked down the streets of Nikopol, all the people spit at me, beat and said many images and threats to my side. But I survived after numerous attacks and attempted murder.

I will never live to the joy of enemies, even if I die from starvation or illness, I will still continue to write how society would not hate me. I will be left alone.

Yes, the OTHER WORLD of the hollow, full of violence, ignorance, murder and hatred, to which people close their eyes, wearing a mask "all is well", but this world needs change. And without truth, without looking at reality, he will become even more perverted and terrible in this abyss of hypocrisy.

Earth dies right now, yesterday, today and tomorrow too. Everywhere is the suffering and the crowd of people who do not want to hear anything to see. It seems that until the last day this society will be so stupid that it will be destroyed around and not leave anything from the remnants of Paradise that someone once called the Earth...

Link to demo version of assembly Different World Is Beside

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