Open Letter to Cecilia Malmström, a member of the European Committee

— Богдан Глоба

The world is tough and unpredictable. You should fight for your rights. Till your last breath. The EC decided to omit the requirement for Ukraine to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation to enter Phase 2 of the visa liberalization.

Dear Cecilia,

We regretfully found out about the decision of the European Commission of no longer demanding to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation for the transition to phase 2 of the visa liberalization.

I, like a man who came through Ukrainian discrimination towards gays, am interested in how far the basic principles may be given up?

We do not know what arguments were presented by the government to make the European Commission adopt this decision but I'm pretty sure someone has to put an end to this once. And LGBT issues should be stopped coding as a hot potato! So it’s a painful issue for Ukraine, but it’s even harder for a LGBT daily sufferingfrom  persecution of unjustifiably dismissals, laughing and bullying. And we are a minority and it’s hard for us to defend ourselves.

Today the European Commission is destroying the myth for LGBT that Europe is a stronghold of the principles and   rulingof law. For us itseems more like "adapting to conditions" and political sycophancy rather than the highest of standards. If Europe is ready to sacrifice one of the main pillars of the struggle for LGBT – prohibition of discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, what may we anticipate for  tomorrow?

I am quite sure that the new Ukrainian government has no valid arguments for postponement: at the meeting with the Ministry of Justice we were told " not the right time ." Yes, I have the word "not the  right time" working for the government all of 23 years. When may this time come! Never?

I ask you to reconsider your decision about it and come to  understanding: Ukraine must meet all the requirements for the visa liberalization plan  including the adoption of comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation. If our Parliament is not ready to vote for such a change, they should explain to voters why the citizens of Ukraine get a simplified procedure for entry into the EU. Why were Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, and the like able to adopt identical laws, but  Ukraine wasnt?

And the critical thing is tosave the Ukrainian LGBT’s faith in the high standards of the EU, to  save theirrealization that the European Union uncluding every bureaucrat and MPs defends human rights. All their life, LGBT people fought for Ukraine's European integration puesuing these standards,opportunities to live without discrimination, safe and happy.Their last hope for justice should remain undestroyed.

LGBT activist, victim of discrimination in Ukraine

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