LGBTQ community may be 'particularly vulnerable' to coronavirus pandemic. Here's why

As the worldwide spread of COVID-19 has spiraled into a pandemic, national health organizations are warning that some members of the LGBTQ community may be “particularly vulnerable” to the effects of the virus.

Same-sex marriage now legal in Northern Ireland

Same-sex marriage is now legally recognised in Northern Ireland.

2000 participants attended the first march to support LGBT people in Plock

Opposition Polish politicians, including Polish MEP Robert Bedron, joined the march, openly stating his unconventional sexual orientation. In total, more than 2 thousand people marched.

Stonewall names Welsh Assembly as top LGBT employer

The Welsh Assembly has been named as the UK's leading employer of LGBT staff in a workplace equality survey.



Друга спроба бути почутими: спілка квірів в АТО подала петицію щодо захисту прав ЛГБТ у військах

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