Apology for Past Discrimination toward Employees and Applicants based on Sexual Orientation

Secretary of State formally apologized to members of the LGBT community for discrimination in the US State Department

This gay couple got engaged at the Chicago Bulls game last night, an NBA first.

Scottie Pippen was on-hand to congratulate the gay couple.

Lady Gaga says she has PTSD after being raped at 19

US pop star Lady Gaga says she has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since being raped at the age of 19.

Malta bans 'gay cure' conversion therapy

Malta has become the first European country to ban gay conversion therapy

Apple CEO Tim Cook Was on Hillary Clinton's List of Potential Vice Presidential Canidates

According to the most recent WikiLeaks hack on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, tech moguls as notable as Tim Cook were considered as potential Vice Presidential candidates.

Дом иных людей – харьковский центр для ЛГБТИК отпраздновал годовщину создания

Программа по умолчанию здесь не работает. КвирХоум Харьков - место, где харьковские представители ЛГБТ сообщества уже год могут собираться под одной крышей.