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Moscow, metro Komsomolskaya , Yujniy pereulok St. , 4
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"CENTRAL STATION" is back! Club "central station", which was first opened in 1997, returned to the Moscow club scene! The first club was located on the Grand Tartar, near Novokuznetsk m and a five minute walk from the "JAZZ CAFE," fashion at the time of the project Sinezha Lazarevic ... Here and formed one of the first areas of the Moscow club joined by club "Three Monkeys", who settled in the neighborhood in Sadovnicheskaya street. "CA" in the Tatar was the real center party, a mecca for the world's leading lights in Moscow and Frederic Mitterrand, French Minister of Culture, filmed here one of his nonfiction films, the group Pet Shop Boys in full with interest the exclusive club dancers, Francois Ozon out on stage to Laura Colley, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky and learned ballet "Swan Lake" performed by the local artists of the ballet. For many small platform of the club was the start of his career. So, still not known to almost anyone, Tina Kandelaki, participated in the Sunday talk shows, and Verka Serduchka first club concert presented on the stage, "CA." Born as Zaza Napoli, here and artist Vadim Kazantsev ... And then the station building was demolished .. Next project CA - huge club with three dance floors on two floors - located in the Center on Dubrovka. Noisy club and successfully worked for several weeks. Then there were no signs of the tragedy Nord Ost. In general, the following project "Central Station" opened in Saint Petersburg. In 2007, he won a prize award NIGHT LIVE AWARDS and still Petersburg club "CA" is one of the most popular clubs in St. Petersburg. Central Station MSK - top creative team, create clubs, "Three Monkeys" and "CA". Best light, the best sound, Specially designed project with labyrinth and a large dance floor with a 6-meter high ceiling. Hall of "Cabaret" with 120 seats, a karaoke club, a large summer terrace and the most "central location" - near the hotel «HILTON LENINGRADSKAYA». The concept of the previous "CA" is not lost and is most clearly embodied in the new project. Goal - to give everyone everything they want. On a separate floor "trend" main dance floor for 800 people, which is dominated DJ's. Consent to the performance of the club gets the most famous stars of the largest dance floors, including artists SALVATION, MATENEE, CIRCUIT. Completely independent and Hall "Cabaret" with constant Laura Collet and performances "Gay Broadway." And yet, it's all under one roof, together with a common idea, and people. In general, watch and wait for all advertising in "Central Station MSK»!
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