Every Child Deserves a Family

Every Child Deserves a Family

— Gudrun Held

Гудрун Хельд, глава сообщества родителей, друзей и близких ЛГБТ «BEFAH» ответила на вопросы редакции портала.

Every Child Deserves a Family

Gudrun Held, head of the community of parents, friends and relatives of LGBT «BEFAH» answered the questions of the editorial office of the Ukrainian national LGBT portal.

We asked about the present status of the community «BEFAH».

Now «BEFAH» has obtained the status of the federal community, we have dreamed about it for a long time and purposefully come to this. Of course, this is a non - governmental organization with certain taxation benefits. The state does not fund us. Therefore, the viability of the organization is provided by membership fees, donations and voluntary participation by the organization in competitions for grants under the special social project, which are typically initiated by the government. The organization has 204 registered active members and lots of friends.

In April 2013, the organization has been a solid community with a certain prestige in German society and a significant track record of achievements. We asked Ms. G. Held to recall its formation.

The initiators of the organization became the spouses of  Isolde and Erarn Brown. Having a gay child, they were eyewitnesses of the difficulties with which he had to face every day in an unfriendly at that time German society. LGBT representatives were hiding because due to the negligent actions or statements they could become victims of physical violence of fascist thugs.  The parents decided to embark on their behalf, knowing that human sexuality is not a threat to a society, but society is often unnecessarily unfair to their non-standard citizens. Community started its illegal activity at the beginning in the 70 years with a five people and great ideas of protection, assistance and understanding. Gradually, the initiative was taken up by parents in other German cities, creating a similar group. In 1997, members of the various groups decided to unite in one community.

How do the organizers of the community manage to make it visible and credible?

All members of the organization are making significant efforts to achieve the goals set up by their organization.  Section 175 has already been cancelled that homosexuality is a violation of the law, the rainbow family has officially been recognized by, the society has tolerant attitude towards LGBT people. But it’s not time to get complacent; the goal is on the agenda: the LGBT representatives should become full citizens of their country legally rather than a marginalized minority. Many members of the community publish their articles in the popular press media, appear in popular television programs, the organization has its own site. They have been distributing flyers to familiarize society with their activities in general and the activities of their departments. Activity of the organization with a sincere desire to achieve some changes in the public consciousness necessitates a positive public response. The best evidence is the strong ties of the organization with politicians, scientists, public figures and members of the government who always respond to the invitation to make a presentation to the conference, organized by the community.

When our meeting was coming to an end, as representatives of the incipient similar movement in the Ukraine, we asked Ms. G.Held convey her wishes to members of «TERGO».

   The main thing is always to remember how important children are to their parents! Whatever sexual orientation wouldn’t your child prefer, it is, first of all – your child. Parents and all family members should always sustain, approve and understand their children!

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