Anti Ageing Skin Care

According to beauty myth, when it comes to ageing skin men have it a damn sight easier than women. Women’s skin ages faster than men and it’s just another thing to add to the ‘life is harder for women because…’ list. In a way there is an element of truth in that, but we are definitely not immune from wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing – let me explain. Where as women age gradually from their late twenties (although they seem to worry about it from the age of 19), the changes to a man’s skin become apparent a lot later in life – usually into our thirties or even forties before Mother Nature catches up with us. But the bad news is, when she does catch up with us, it’s a much faster decline into wrinkle town.

Anti Ageing Skin Care

We may or may not see it coming, but there is going to be a morning when you look in the mirror and see a sketchy version of your dad starring back at you and all of a sudden the boyish good looks are replaced by wrinkles, drooping jaw lines and deepening furrows. “But wrinkles make a man look rugged!” – sorry lads, not unless you’re George Clooney.

Unfortunately, (despite what the adverts like to tell you) there isn’t a single product on the market that is proven to actually ‘reverse’ the effects of skin ageing – but there is lots you can do to help delay the inevitable and make the ageing effects less drastic. There is no fountain of youth, but with some good quality skin care and a few sensible lifestyle choices you can make a difference. We may not be able to turn back the hands of time, but we can have a good go at softening the blow.

Things you can do to combat signs of ageing:

Aside from having a structured skincare regime with high quality products, there are a few specific things to bear in mind if you hope to stay looking younger for longer.

Start early
When it comes to anti-ageing skin care, prevention has to start early. It may seem strange to be protecting against wrinkles as early as your mid twenties, but while you might not be able to see the damage to your skin, it doesn’t mean its not there.

Shield against the sun
To prevent sun damage (the biggest ageing accelerator) being a factor, use an SPF 15 Moisturiser every day, even throughout the winter, to block harmful UV rays from causing damage.

Get your formula right
Products centred on ingredients like retinol (derived from vitamin A, but you knew that already right?), are the best at sorting out your wrinkle concerns while ‘collagen boosters’ will help your skin retain its elasticity – and therefore look younger. Also, products that contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) will fight skin fatigue and help your complexion stay fresh which again will give a more ‘youthful’ appearance.

Smoke free
Aside from the obvious health risk, smoking accelerates skin ageing faster than anything else, wrecking havoc with your skin. Stopping oxygen getting to the skin cells and effecting collagen production, smoking increases your chances of looking like a crumpled paper bag in later life. If you needed any more reasons to give up – then this should be one of them.

Fitness first
Obvious, but very, very important, leading a healthy lifestyle will do wonders for your skin in later life. Getting plenty of exercise, avoiding over indulgences of alcohol and fatty foods, and embracing the ‘five a day’ philosophy will inevitably leave your complexion looking fresher, more radiant and at the end of the day – younger.

Recommended Products
Daily anti ageing moisturisers are your first line of defence, as their formulas are specifically designed for damage control.

Eye Care:
Signs of ageing can be particularly noticeable around the eye area – with bags, dark circles and fine wrinkles not a good look – so take extra care of this delicate skin. Dr Lewinn’s Men Eye Cream is a particular favourite of mine; you really notice a difference within two weeks.

Designed for use alongside your daily routine, these anti ageing treatments give your skin an extra boost to help fight the key signs of ageing.



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