Gay parade "Pride" in Baltimore

With the word "parade" I have negative associations: a crowd of people marching in the cold (the parade was held in early November) under the bravura marches and shouting in unison "hurray" when praising the party leaders. Men or lads who had to bear the hard banners with slogans "Glory to the CPSU," etc. or photos of the same glorified leaders proved to be the most unlucky. The event was not already jolly because of its obligation nature. They say that we easily remember only the good about our past. I tried to think of something good in connection with the parade and failed to recall anything of a kind.

Gay parade "Pride" in Baltimore

I loved the gay parade "Pride" in Baltimore, maybe, because I didn’t initially expect anything good. The parade took place on June 14. It was a wonderful sunny day without unexpected rainfalls that poured onto this part of the globe during the workweek. Atmosphere of joy was setting upon you when approaching people gathering into columns.

The organization PFLAG opened the procession including parents, relatives, and friends of LGBT people. The coordinator of our group Sean McGovern prepared for my son and me a huge package of attributes: sun shield, beads, flags, badges, bracelets and even candies. Before the start of the action, it was necessary to quickly write a slogan that would have been appropriate. I wrote in Ukrainian as I could (without having necessary abilities and skills): "Ukrainians, let’s support LGBT as the whole world does." Here for the first time in my life,  I was carrying what I made.

Who took part in the parade? LGBT, their parents, as well as many small and large organizations that hastened to demonstrate their loyalty to LGBT people and thus make a good self-advertisement. Several brass bands set up brisk pace for the march. The corps de ballet in a bright blue dress adorned the parade program with beautiful dancing.

The procession seemed very crowded. I had never seen such a large gathering of people in the column and on the verges along the road. While passing along our route, we had to give away or throw necklaces of shiny colored plastic beads under joyful jubilation and applause of people watching the parade from the curb.

I remembered the gay parade in Baltimore as a big colorful holiday full of joy and faith in the victory of the just struggle of people for their rights.

Olena Globa

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