FAQ: Born this way

It should be acknowledged that outer factors have no impact on sexual orientation.

FAQ: Born this way

Info-agency "National LBGT-portal" is rolling out its new series of articles dedicated to mythbusting everything gay-related and answering most frequently asked questions about homosexuality. Today's topic is an antithesis "one becomes homosexual and is not born homosexual" It is common in anti-gay movement to state that LGBT people actively propagate their ideas, thus give kids choice, so-to-speak "force them to become gay". However it has to be understood, that ambient has no impact on person's sexual orientation.

For instance, in 2008 swedish scientists from Karolinska university compared sizes of brain hemispheres of 90 male and female adults with different sexual orientations. As the result has shown, homosexual males and heterosexual females both have left and right hemispheres very similar. Meanwhile, lesbians and heterosexual males have almost the same results in comparision. The research data has been published in widely respected magazine Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Following, british expert Kazi Rakhman admitted this research to be authentic enough to prove that homosexuality is indeed something you are born with.

Moreover, the research has shown heterosexual women and gays have more nerve ties in almond body in the left hemisphere than in the right one. Vice versa goes for lesbians and heterosexual males. "In my opinion, there's nothing to argue about: if you are a homosexual, you were born this way. " - said Dr. Rakhman It's also worth noting, no one has yet proven the theory, that homosexuality is caused by bad parenting or other issues inside the family.

Keep in mind, that one's attraction to another is coinfluensed by a variety of psychoemotional and physiological factors. To make a gay or a lesbian fall in love with another person, or a heterosexual with a person of the same sex, is impossible. Some people even take attempts in converting their sexual orientation by taking hormones, passing psychotherapy and so forth. These methods, however, never live up to their expectations. Besides, in past many countries used to repress homosexuals, however those resisted and kept on dating with people of the same sex. It also proves that sexual orientation is not a free choice.

Quite often homosexuals are force involved into heterosexual relations because of imbued with homophobia society. As a result these people get morally broken, their life and their partners' lives are a disguise. In other words, homosexuals break down not because their heterosexual experiences fail to satisfy anyone, but because they were born to live a different life.

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