How to Write Business Rules

Business procedures run the gamut from how to sell a product to how to repair a piece of machinery. As a business owner, you need them as a reference for current employees and as a training tool for new hires.

How to Write Business Rules

They must be detailed so employees have a clear idea of proper protocol and company policies. When writing business procedures, you should be as precise as possible so that nothing is left open to interpretation.


  1. Use front-line managers to construct a policy and procedure manual. They are the ones who will administer the policies.

  2. Include statements that highlight your commitment to state and federal laws pertaining to new hire reporting, equal opportunity employment, harassment, exemptions, wages and nondiscrimination.

  3. Discuss state and federal mandated benefits such as Social Security; worker's compensation, military leave, jury duty, maternity leave and unemployment rights.

  4. Incorporate all company policies such as time-keeping, payment dates, confidential information, phone and e-mail privileges, probationary periods and standards of conduct. Include information about company benefits, including holiday pay, vacation time, retirement options, medical insurance and stock options.

  5. Use positive statements to describe company policies by telling employees what they should do rather than what they should not do.

  6. Utilize an employment law attorney to review your manual before using it. This may help protect you and your company and save thousands of dollars in lawsuits later on, by making sure all bases are covered.


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