LGBT organizations have honored the "best activist "

The representatives of LGBT and international human rights organizations held the press conference: "LGBT, European values and EuroMaidan." After the press conference, the activists visited the office of Ukrainskiy vybir to deliver the sertificate ( gramota) for his significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian LGBT movement to the "best activist".

LGBT organizations have honored the "best activist "

Executive Director of Fulcrum, Bogdan Globa, Executive Director of Insight, Olena Shevchenko, Expert of the centre Our World, Andrei Kravchuk, and CEO of Amnesty International in Ukraine, Tatyana Mazur, apealed to the Ukrainian media and called to distinguish genuine European values from provocation that are aimed at distancing Ukraine from the EU.

O.Shevchenko said in her opening remarks that the real rather than fake LGBT community from the very outset of EuroMaidan has been actively participating in all the revolutionary events, "We come without political symbolism and all sorts of others. We are opposing to speculations. "

These words have been confirmed by Bogdan Globa, who noted that sexual minorities are involved in the events on Independence Square under the banner of Ukraine and the EU. " The main thing for us today is developments of the social agreement. We understand that very different people are taking part in the EuroMaidan activities including those for whom the issue of LGBT rights controversial. And it can split the Maidan". Also, Mr. Globa said that the organization Fulcrum has nothing in common with "march for the rights of sexual minorities" in Bessarabskiy square held on January 11. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of Fulcrum’s staff, the headquarters and guards of the EuroMaidan were timely alerted so the provocateurs did not get the desired results and their actions were presented by the media fairly enough.

Andrei Kravchuk from Our World, in his turn, noted that this is not the first speculation on the issue of LGBT in recent years and listed all the past ones starting from notorious pseudoaction in September 2013 near the Arch of Druzhshby Narodiv. There, as we know, the people pretending as representatives of sexual minoroties had the slogan "Ukraine – in the EU: atta boy, Azarov."

Tatiana Mazur, Head of Amnesty International, as the only representative of human rights organization rather than LGBT ones, drew the greatest attention to the fact that "LGBT rights are human rights", that is, they are universal. Ms. Mazur aptly noted that "homophobic statements owing to the absence of anti-discrimination legislation in the society where human rights are violated are created and tolerated." Moreover, she appealed to the Ukrainian government that ignores international law on human rights, but has ratified various international legal norms.

The press conference ended with the LGBT activists walking to the office of Ukrainskiy vybir where they tried to deliver the certificate (gramota) to the leader of the organization known for his vibrant homophobic stance. But none of the officials agreed to pick up the award. That's why the representatives of the community fastened the gramota to the rainbow balloons that lifted it into the air.

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