LGBT activist was denied membership in the political party Democratic Alliance

Executive Director of the AUCO Tochka Opory, open gay and LGBT activist Bogdan Globa was refused to join in the political party Democratic Alliance because of his active stance in advocating equal rights for LGBT people.

LGBT activist was denied membership in the political party Democratic Alliance

The Kiev branch backed up their refusal with the fact that their party is the "Christian Democratic” party and the representative stated, "... an important value for us is the family. And here we have serious disagreements with the position of the LGBT community. For us it is a family man, his wife and children ... We oppose attempts to extend the value of family, the sacrament of marriage and so on including gay couples," the end of the quotion. Also, the head deputy of the party Democratic Alliance said that they try to avoid discussions on the "socially sensitive" topics.

On the other hand, the representative of the Democratic Alliance reported that their party is not against the "cohabitation union or gay couples," but, as long as it was not called the "family" in the traditional sense.

The AUCO Tochka Opory published its official position on the membership denial for the leader of the organization. The organization highlighted that "by the fact of denial of party membership based on sexual orientation", Democratic Alliance has breached a number of laws and the Constitution of Ukraine. In particular, Article 24 of the Constitution states: "There shall be no privileges or restrictions based on race, color, political, religious or other beliefs, sex, ethnic or social origin, property status, place of residence, linguistic or other characteristics."

Interestingly, the official website of the party has no mention of "christian democratic" party’s line.

Reference: The political party Democratic Alliance was founded by the memorandum of the party congress in Kyiv on August 8, 2010. The aim of the party’s activities is "to ensure interests of Ukrainian citizens in a decent life and personal development by promoting formation and expression of political will through participation in policy-making, the formation of the government, local and regional self-government and representation in their compositions." 

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