Nominee for a MP from Opposition Block wants to live in tolerant towards sex-minorities society

42-nd number in the election list of Opositsyny block Denis Rzhavsky expressed his position on the arson of Zhovten in the social network Facebook.

Nominee for a MP from Opposition Block wants to live in tolerant towards sex-minorities society

Denis Rzhavsky running for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, wrote an emotional post about harassment of human rights in Ukraine.

He believes that the arson of the cinema is "not only a spit in the face of Ukrainian intelligentsia but also a spit in the face to all those who stood on the Maidan for Ukraine's European choice".

The candidate from Opozytsyny block accuses authorities that the attempt to disrupt the show of a LGBT film is "another open humiliation and restriction of the freedom of others." He interprets it as a sign of a totalitarian society.

"I do not want to live in such a society. I want everyone regardless of nationality, religion or sexual preference to feel comfortable," – said Rzhavsky.

The young politician believes that everyone has to compensate the inability of the state to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation. Dennis also said that he is one of the initiators of the special print "Rainbow" – a symbol of friendship and tolerance to minorities in our country within the project “From Ukraine with Love”.

The 42-nd number of Opozytsyny block wrote that he agrees with the movement for the restoration of Zhovten and LGBT program of "Youth". The proof is 44% of sales profit of «rainbow" T-shirts will be spent on rebuilding the cinema on Podol. We’d like to remind that the adviser of the Minister of Internal affairs Anton Gerashchenko determined homophobia as a motivation of the arson and called for sexual tolerance.

by Tymur Levchuk [[email protected]]

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