MP Bereza from "Right Sector" called rights violations of LGBT an important problem in Ukraine

MP of Ukraine Borislav Bereza, who is not part of the coalition and a member of the "Right Sector", spoke about his attitude to members of the LGBT community and violation of their rights.

MP Bereza from   "Right Sector" called rights violations of LGBT an important problem in Ukraine

In the interview to the Jewish Portal Tablet, Borislav Bereza answered the question of what is his personal attitude to the harassment of LGBT rights in Ukraine.

"Violation of the rights of LGBT people, as well as anti-Semitism is a real and important problem, but I know of no country where there was no homophobia. I know of no country where there would be neither homophobic nor xenophobes. These people are everywhere. Personally, I have no questions to members of the LGBT community, and I think it's a matter of personal freedom, " – said a nonfaction MP and colleague of Dmitry Yarosh.

"Moreover, I officially declare that I like the work of Freddie Mercury and I like to wear nice things from Armani», - said the winner of one of single-mandate constituencies in Kyiv.

Bereza also made it clear that "there is no problem of homophobia" for him.

"I want to repeat once again: in my opinion, sexual orientation, religion or nationality choice – all is a matter of personal liberty and conscience," – said the MP.

Borislav Bereza confirmed that some of his party members and supporters are homophobes: "We are not a totalitarian sect. In our party, there, of course, is homophobes. But I can not tell them to stop being homophobes. I can argue with them, give my arguments and try to change their attitude. But I can not make them change their minds. All I can is to publicly declare my position. "

The congener of Yarosh also strongly condemns homophobic attacks during the festival "Youth", "Yes, we strongly condemned the attack. I also clearly stated that this is a shameless act, and to raise the question today in a country where there are problems with corruption, oligarchs, war and economy is a very unconscionable action. "

MP Bereza also said that the statement of the homophobic press attache of the right sector Artem Skoropadskiy about the direct involvement of the party of Yarosh in the disruption of showing LGBT film in Kinopanorama cinema is "his own formulations that have not been approved by the party." He noted that "among them, of course, were members of the right sector, but this is only because the right sector" is a layer of the Ukrainian society.

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