Head of Kyiv Regional Police gave the order to when showing the film on LGBT topics

This former deputy commander of the regiment battalion "Azov" Vadim Trojan and now head of police in the Kiev region said newspaper «Kyiv Post».

Head of Kyiv Regional Police gave the order to when showing the film on LGBT topics

On Oct. 29 Kyiv’s historic Zhovten cinema was devastated by fire while a film being shown as part of an LGBT film festival was being shown. On Oct. 31 a group of men in camouflage attempted to force their way into a screening of another LGBT film being shown as part of the festival but were stopped by police. The organizers said the men were wearing insignia of the far-right group Pravy Sektor, though the group denied any involvement. It is still unclear whether the acts were attacks on the festival or an attempt to clear the cinema for a real-estate projects.

On Oct. 31 the day of the second attack Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov announced that Troyan would become the new chief of police of Kyiv Oblast. Troyan says the appointment happened after he travelled to Kyiv to lobby to be made chief of police of Donetsk Oblast and they offered him Kyiv Oblast instead. Critics, however, saw the move as one of support for right-wing groups and feared selective justice.

As head of Kyiv region police Troyan has no jurisdiction over the city of Kyiv, but when asked by the Kyiv Post if he would have any issues protecting people at a similar LGBT film festival he said he would not. “I would ensure order,” he added.

Source: «Kyiv Post»

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