Released report on human rights of LGBT people in Ukraine

AUCO "Fulcrum" released a report on "Human Rights regarding LGBT people in Ukraine" in 2014.

Released report on human rights of LGBT people in Ukraine

AUCO FULCRUM analyzed the human rights of the LGBT community in Ukraine for 2014 and prepared a short report with an intuitively understandable infographic available for free download.

The report covers the situation of fundamental human rights for LGBT, hate crimes, discrimination in employment and other areas, the legislation and our recommendations.

Gay, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people are a part of the people who were on the Maidan during the revolution for European Integration of Ukraine nearing the victory of the Euromaidan. We were doing this not focusing on our sexual orientation and under a unified yellow-blue flag.

However, despite our common victory, the situation with rights for LGBT people has not changed and remains very complicated. After more than a year since the beginning of the Euromaidan, implementing the necessary changes in the respect for fundamental human rights standards has not been started in Ukraine. It united and intensified human rights LGBT organizations, whose activities and voice became more prominent.

Ukraine is moving to Europe, updating and trying to implement European values. We want to live free and equal, without homophobia, war and hostility in a society of equal opportunity and prosperity.

In this way we value each and every opinion on the rights of LGBT people in Ukraine. Please send your comments and suggestions on the report to the address: [email protected]

by Tymur Levchuk [[email protected]]

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