Symbolic gay marriage can be to sex shops

In Moscow and St. Petersburg will soon be registered same-sex marriages. This service is offered to customers with a network of sex-shop "Point G», reported "Izvestia".

Symbolic gay marriage can be to sex shops

No legal effect such registration will not have as gay couples marry in Russia officially banned. However, some of the couple treated the wave proposal seriously. The first recording is scheduled for February 9.

"Some people take it as a joke - says the owner of the network, Alexander Donskoi. - But a pair of gay men who will have to sign on February 9, refer to this fact seriously. The young man made a proposal to his partner, waiting for his answer. "

Symbolic registration cost-sex married couple is more expensive than a formal alliance normal couple. Moscow shops will charge you a thousand rubles to each family in St. Petersburg - 600 rubles. For the money the couple will be able to listen to the solemn speech, get a marriage certificate and a few photos from the ceremony. For an additional fee for the ceremony can be invited orchestra group strippers, have a party.

According to Alexander Donskoi, already have "mass willing" to use the new service. In the future we plan to register for 5-10 pairs per month.

Same-sex marriage or equivalent to civil partnerships officially allowed in 15 countries.

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