Paris police banned homophobes march down the Champs Elysees

Paris police banned the march directed against gay marriage, argued the decision "for security reasons."

Paris police banned homophobes march down the Champs Elysees

Opponents of the bill, received the designation "marriage for all", which will allow same-sex couples to formalize relationships and adopt children, would like to walk on a historic street Champs Elysées in Paris on 24 March. Reporting this, Gay Star News recalls that the French National Assembly bill "Marriage for All" was approved by an overwhelming majority, which allows him to go to a vote in the upper house - the Senate - at the beginning of April. Opponents of gay marriage this fact terribly unhappy.

In a statement on March 14, the leadership of the Paris police said: "In order to ensure the freedom of assembly, maintenance of public order and security agencies, police chief of the march organizers, invited for an interview to discuss possible alternative routes of the meeting. But this did not happen." Note that the march is not prohibited as such: the police was willing to offer a different route to the organizers. However, they were furious, saying they have the right to pass on the famous street.

"We want to hold a protest in a symbolic place that would allow the French public and the government to see that we exist, and we have a lot" - resents Frizhide barges (Frigide Barjot), a French actress and activist campaign against gay marriage in an interview with Reuters .

Gugen Nicolas (Nicolas Gougain), members of the LGBT association, calls the opponents of marriage equality "a product of uncompromising homophobia in France, which is largely due to the fear and doubt."

"Some of these people believe that giving homosexuals the same rights as heterosexuals would destabilize society - said Gugen. - Or that gay parents are potentially harmful to their children."

The protest was scheduled for March 24, because on that same day opponents of a similar bill in the UK are going to organize a rally in Trafalgar Square in London. Of the British capital reports on the rally yet been received.

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