Ukrainian judge gave a killer minimal sentence for killing a gay

Ukrainian judge gave a killer minimal sentence for killing a gay

 Ukraine, Kharkiv - A judge sentenced a killer to a minimal term because the victim was homosexual. 

The case about a murderer who stabbed a helpless gay 20 times with a knife is finally coming to an end. The judge of a local court in Kharkiv sentenced the killer for a minimal punishment term - 8 years imprisonment.

An underage homophobic student got in acquaintance with the victim online and set up a meeting at their home. Afterwords the aggressor stabbed the victim 20 times with a knife and fled, taking with him the victim's smartphone. The murderer precisely planned his attack and was ready for the action. This is usually applied as an aggravating circumstance, but not in this case. UKHRU reports.

As an extenuating circumstance the judges welcomed "Killer's attitude to the crime, his initiative and aim of acquaintance with the victim and quantity of injuries."

"Such motives for extenuating circumstances are simply shocking" - said Mikhailo Tarakhalo, director of Centre of Strategic Affairs. "the judge explicitly stated: if you kill LGBT person because you hate LGBT people - you are granted with rather soft punishment penalties. And if your assassination has other grounds - you get a bigger sentence. A logical question arises - we have homophobes working in judicial system too?"

In comparison with The European Court and how it tackles such cases - Kharkiv's court has nothing to do with justice. European Court of Human Rights explicitly insists that further investigation must take place if the person has suffered or was killed due to hatred motives. It is vital to combat manifestations of hatred toward various social groups. 

In the near future victims' lawyer Roman Likhachev will appeal the case. It is supported by Institute for Legal Research and Strategies under Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. The final decision will be published on the website of UKHRU.

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