The Azov Battalion: no same-sex marriages for Ukraine (video)

Stated on one of the TV channels representative of "Azov" civil Battalion, a unit known for its far-right associations.

The Azov Battalion: no same-sex marriages for Ukraine (video)
Azov won't let same-sex marriages take place in Ukraine, as promised by one of the representatives of The Azov volunteer Battalion live on Kryvyi Rih's local TV channel "First Public" (ukr. - «Перший міський»). We simply won't let these same-sex marriages.

They shall hide from us, flee. Well, like they do at the moment. No one can see them, but they do exist. We know where they are, where they live. We know all of this. But they've been keeping a low profile lately." - states Azov's representative, highlighting that he and all his comrades are aggravated by gays and lesbians presence.

He and his comrades at volunteer civil battalion are ready to tackle this "problem" with quite radical approach. The video shows a local LGBT community in Kryvyi Rih and the Azov representative expressing his Battalion's views concerning people of different sexual orientation and/or gender identity. In the extract you hear a story from a young man Alex, who almost had lost his job because of his sexual orientation.

"My employer told me: if i find out you're a fa**ot - i'll kick you out of this job. The following two months he was extremely persnickety to my work, by all means he wanted me to quit that job." - said Alex.

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