Billboards in support of same-sex partnerships appear in Kiev

Billboards contain information that LGBT people have the right to live together and the right to meet old age together

Billboards in support of same-sex partnerships appear in Kiev

The ad campaign was launched by the public organization "Gay Alliance of Ukraine". This is stated on the official website of the organization.

The statement said that in late spring they plan to hold a rally which will feature photos of lesbian couples.

"Sooner or later this issue will be raised in the society, and we would like to talk about it right away. Homosexual couples should have equal rights and the opportunity to formally execute their relationship as heterosexual couples do. In Ukraine, there are more than a million LGBT people, of whom 47 % are in a relationship. Stigma towards homosexual couples in Ukraine would be overcome ", said Yuri Yorskiy, Program Director from GAU.

The organization recalls that the human rights strategy realization plan for the period of 2020 includes a draft law on civil partnerships including for same-sex couples which should be developed by the end of 2017.


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