In Ukraine want to create a farm for LGBT and friendly-people

AГCO "Fulcrum" presented the idea of creating "Friendly Farms" for LGBT-people in Poltava

In Ukraine want to create a farm for LGBT and friendly-people

Friendly Farm Ukraine (FFU) will be a new kind of farm and we are excited to finally bring it to light. At FFU we want to offer a safe and friendly space in the majestic ambiance of ukrainian suburban landscape. The fertile land is located near Poltava, Ukraine, about 300 kilometers east of Kyiv. FFU will be a peaceful location to celebrate diversity and tolerance and to commune with nature. Members of the LGBT community and other groups will enjoy the respite from social pressures, discrimination, and harassment they may face on a daily basis.

FFU will foster community gatherings, encourage open dialogue and creation of solutions that will lead to a more open and tolerant society in Ukraine. The Farm will combine the concepts of an eco retreat, social and creative open space in a sustainable business model to address diversity and human rights issues.

The Concept

The concept of FFU is to create a place based on tolerance and diversity, where the LGBT community and friends will conduct trainings, seminars, and rehabilitation programs that integrate the natural environment and agricultural practices. Particular attention will be paid to LGBT youth who have been victims of homophobia and transphobia. FFU will offer short-term accommodation for individuals who have been rejected from their families or communities due to sexual orientation and / or gender identity.

In the long term perspective, we want to start producing our own line of eco-products, and earned money to invest in social changes. FFU will also be available to other organizations seeking to conduct training and retreats, integrating team building with rural farm life.

Currently, the space has a main building and a large barn that can be used for programs and events.

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