Mayor of Munich, Mr. Hap Monattseder, will participate in the march of equality on May 25

From 20 to 27 May in Kiev, the twin city of Munich, "Kyiv Pride 2013" will be held. From the Bavarian capital on March equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) will about 20 people arrive including not only the activists of the local LGBT community. The City Council will be presented with Mayor Hep Monatzeder, advisor and counselor Lydia Dietrich and counselor Reinhard Bauer.

Mayor of Munich, Mr. Hap Monattseder, will participate in the march of equality on May 25

They all   will   protect the rights of others, when on May 25 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and the people who support them, will   come out to say about the problems of human rights in the country.

The representatives of Munich - Mayor Hep Monatzeder, Green Party councilor Lydia Dietrich and advisor for the Social Democratic Party Dr. Reinhard Bauer - have teamed up with the gay and lesbian community organizations of Munich for a joint visit in support of Kiev Pride. The delegation was accompanied by representatives of the German media: reporters of Bavarian Radio, the influential newspaper «Süddeutsche Zeitung» and gay magazine «Leo». This enabled the representatives of the state capital of Bavaria fulfill the commitments made in the past year. "This May, Kyiv presents itself as a cosmopolitan and tolerant city" - says Thomas Niderbyul, a political speaker of the Bavarian Pride and representative of the "Rose Leaf" on the city council of Munich. - "We want to support and  attend it."

A spokesman for the Bavarian Pride Rita Braats adds: "Our pride is in favor of fair equality without discrimination under the slogan" We choose equal rights and acceptance. «Unfortunately our partners - community of Kiev   lack it. That is why we are very pleased that the Munich alliance between the city council, Pride and LGBT support Ukraine with their personal contribution to the fight for equality and acceptance. "

Last year, Kiev and Munich, twin cities since 1989, became partners in a joint  work on LGBT issues. Since last summer, Kiev and Bavarian Prides and LGBT groups in both cities support cultural, professional, scientific relationship. The voluntary organization "Contact Group Munich-Kiev- Kvir" are engaged in the joint projects embracing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from both cities.

"Kiev Pride 2012" was canceled for security reasons – lots of opponents ready for aggression gathered on the site of the march, which was imminent threat to its participants. Two activists were beaten.   The representatives of Munich: Lydia Dietrich advisor and consultant to the Center for gays Sasha Hübner already attended Pride 2012 in Kiev. They witnessed the collapse of last year's event. "After this to organize Pride 2013 is especially important"– says Ms. Dietrich.

This year, the Pride should take place. The concept of security in the conduct of the Pride has been developed with the support of "Amnesty International" in Ukraine. Numerous delegations of partners from abroad have confirmed their participation and will contribute to the cultural content of Pride Week from 20 to 27 May. Among them was the delegation from Munich. "Our friends from Munich help strengthen our position," - says LGBT activist from Kiev Stanislav Mishchenko. - "Lesbians and gay men who live in Ukraine, are often closed, so with the help of  pride, we want to motivate LGBT people in Ukraine to unite in order to achieve equality and social acceptance."

There are enough reasons for the Equality March, as the organizers call this demonstration. On October 2, 2012 in the country's parliament the draft bill – following the Russian example – offering to forbid any information about homosexuality was voted. The bill has already been passed in the first reading.

Almost 500 participants of Kiev Pride should protest against this. At the same time, the number of cases of violence against gays and lesbians is growing, and the idea of ​​LGBT people in society is based on prejudice.

 All the events of Pride Kiev from 20 to 27 May will be announced later.  The planned program includes receptions, exhibitions, lectures, debates, films, parties and the press conference. Bavarian Pride will also take part in the cultural program of the Kiev Pride Week: Munich Candy Club will present a performance of indie-electro-pop group «Tubbe».  In July, Ukrainian delegation will visit the Bavarian Pride, now the   visit is being prepared.

Conrad Breyer, Munich - Kiev

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