Lions gay abandon harem of females to create same-sex groups

10 kinds of animals that practice homosexuality. Scientific studies have proven that there are many species involved in a homosexual relationship. In this list there are "lesbian albatross" from Hawaii, and the male-Dolphins, who have boyfriends, and same-sex couples gulls take young to fly together.

Lions gay abandon harem of females to create same-sex groups


Home rams - the most numerous mammals gay. Scientific studies have shown that 8% of males can form pairs only of males, refusing any contact with females. These same-sex couples do not mate, but they act as a couple for a lifetime. (bigpicture.ru)

Leysansk albatrosses. Females Leysansk albatross on Oahu. Lesbian couples are involved in the breeding, kisses and a number of other attributes behavior albatrosses that breed. (bigpicture.ru)

Bottlenose dolphins. In society, there are many dolphins gay relationships. In one case, an incredible pair of gay dolphins was  in relations for 17 years, while the researchers found a flock of dolphins, which consists entirely of males bisexual. (bigpicture.ru)

Bonobos. Genial primates are known to use the language of love, not aggression to solve problems and communicate with each other. Since many conflicts occur between two males or the two females, homosexual relationships were frequent among these monkeys. (bigpicture.ru)

Cock of Gibraltar. Up to 40% of males of this species are involved in same-sex sexual contact. Gay behavior may be related to the high density of population, and with a lot of competition in the males fight for females. (bigpicture.ru)

African lions. A certain percentage males leave the available females to create their same-sex groups. The reason for the association of male lions is unknown. The Lions have one of the most powerful sexual instincts among cats, which means that the contacts are probably more focused than the same sex among birds and sheep. (bigpicture.ru)

Waterfowl and penguins. Homosexual relations were documented among wild Australian black swans, which sometimes form a triple community with two males when determining nesting. Incredibly, such contacts have increased the efficiency of breeding by males in the protection of nests from predators. In addition, two male penguins were in the newspaper once hatched egg. Before they actually appeared egg-gay penguins trying to steal eggs in opposite-sex pairs of penguins. (bigpicture.ru)

Western gulls. Scientific expedition to the California Channel Islands have shown that at least 14% of couples gulls consisting of two females. This variety was first observed in colonies where some nests were found quite a lot of eggs. Some of the eggs were fertilized well, probably due to links with males "on the side". (bigpicture.ru)

Giraffes. Young giraffe males to mate with females sometimes practicing homosexual contacts and short-term alliances. These activities may include language kisses, neck massage and "hugs", and a full body contact. Scientists suggest that the goal is same-sex interactions familiarity with the methods of mating before you approach the female giraffe. (bigpicture.ru)

Dragonflies. Studies have shown unexpectedly high frequency of mating between same-sex dragonflies. Understanding the causes of same-sex relationships among these small invertebrates is challenging and interact poorly understood even today. Environmental chemistry and no partner can be one of the factors that influence the mating behavior of dragonflies. (bigpicture.ru)

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