Ukrainian gay activists responded Yatsenyuk

Ukrainian gay activists responded Yatsenyuk

After the spread of the statement of opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk that the way out of a situation where the Parliament does not want to vote for anti-discrimination bill N 2342 could be an explanation of the Constitutional Court that the rights of homosexual citizens of Ukraine are already protected by Article 24 of the Constitution, gay activists have written their response.

In particular, Executive Director of the AUCO Fulcrum said the rights of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender – ed.) community are not protected by any effective legislative mechanism. At the same time, this social group of citizens of Ukraine is subject to daily discrimination and stigma; many open gays are faced with physical aggression. There are movements and political parties aimed at the destruction of this social group.

Also, activists specify if the faction “Batkivshchina” believes that the Constitution of Ukraine protects LGBT community from discrimination, and then it, respectively, contains sufficient provisions for the protection of human rights. Hence, Yu.Tymoshenko and other opposition leaders have enough tools to protect their rights, and Ukraine does not need a judicial reform or other changes of the legislation to ensure human rights.

The activists have expressed the hope that our politicians would get rid of double standards and realize that belonging to the EU doesn’t mean to open up a bank account in Switzerland   but systematic advocacy and implementation of European values.

The full statement can be read at this link.

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