July 4 - Independence Day in the United States

Today, Americans are celebrating the significant historical achievement - freedom from the Kingdom of Great Britain, its countdown began with signing of the Declaration of Independence, whose actual author is Thomas Jefferson.

 July 4 - Independence Day in the United States

July 4 - Independence Day in the United States, the great national holiday of the people of America. 

The All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Fulcrum" rejoices and celebrates the 237th anniversary of its independence with the people of America. The country has covered a great way to build a free democratic society, in which the high level of industrial development of the state of the world super-power has been achieved, the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the country are respected, and opportunities for creative personality realization are provided.

Fulcrum examines the best practices of the American LGBT community in combating for their rights and equality. This experience is priceless heritage and a wonderful example for the LGBT communities of the world due to its significant achievements and impressive results.

Congratulating the people of the United States, UBE "Fulcrum" firmly believes in its great potential and the ability to build a brighter future and contribute to the improvement of life on the planet.

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