In the gay bars all over the world began a boycott of Russian vodka.

Not so long ago, on the Internet was a series of news that in the gay bars of the world began to abandon the Russian vodka.

In the gay bars all over the world began a boycott of Russian vodka.

How the press service of the National LGBT portal did find out  indeed in several clubs in the United States, Canada, Denmark and many others refused to implement the Russian vodka. It happened after human rights activists from Queer Nation called for a boycott to Russian drink.

"Because of deterioration of the situation of LGBT community in Russia, we have decided not to cooperate with alcoholic Russian brands - said in a statement the club Block66. - As the biggest gay club in Copenhagen, we do not believe it is possible to compromise with his conscience and close eye on what is happening with our Russian brothers and sisters. We also call to follow our example and other institutions "- writes Gay.ru.

Also, in Chicago's most popular gay bar called Sidetrack, too, offers visitors of all vodka producers, except for Russia. On the official Facebook page of the bar in the has been published news that on Thursday, July 25, the bar stops selling vodka "Stolichnaya", so as to express their protest against the Russian taken in laws against gays. "We can not support a brand that is so closely associated with Russia, in a situation where Russia, ignoring criticism from the international community takes antigay law banning the promotion of homosexuality."

By the evening of Thursday to boycott Russia's entire joined by four gay bars Chicago.

But on Friday, an international manufacturer of vodka "Stolichnaya", the company SPI Group, publicly supported the movement for the rights of homosexuals and has criticized the law "prohibiting propaganda of homosexuality". On the official page of Facebook is placed in a statement criticizing the recent Russian laws against homosexuals. In addition, the head of SPI Group Val Mendeleev, noted that his company has always been sympathetic to LGBT community and recalled a number of international projects in support of homosexuals. Mendeleev also said that the brand "Stolichnaya" is not related to the Russian government, and is privately owned by SPI Group.

Recall that vodka "Stolichnaya" is quite popular in the United States, where is known as Stoli. Since 1971, the start of the vodka sold in the United States. In 1999, the brand was sold to the Dutch company Spirit International, an affiliate of SPI, for 800 thousand dollars. In 2000, the law on the implementation of vodka in the United States bought the British company Allied Domecq. Since 2002, overseas go trials for the return of the brand "Stolichnaya" Federal State Enterprise "Souzplodoimport."

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