Ukrainian gay activists greeted the U.S.Ambassador.

Activists of the LGBT movement in Ukraine published the formal appeal to the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador, Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

Ukrainian gay activists greeted the U.S.Ambassador.

LGBT activists published an open letter to the U.S. Ambassador, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, who has recently started fulfilling his responsibility in Kyiv. The activists greeted the Ambassador and thanked the USA Embassy in Ukraine for its coherent and persistent position towards the issues of freedoms, human rights, and development of the LGBT community.

Moreover, Executive Director of the AUCO Fulcrum expressed his anticipation that the Embassy under the quidance of the Ambassador will continue practicing the policy of support of the LGBT community, especially, when the country is having the legislative initiatives on criminalization of homosexuality (including the spheres of arts and literature) and the high level of homophobia in our society. The activists articulated their hopes the Ambassador would demonstrate resolute politics of defending human rights and rights of the LGBT community.

LGBT representatives expect that Mr. Pyatt would announce his position on LGBT rights in the recent future and make some practical steps towards achievement of rights and freedoms equality.


As the USA Embassy's official site informs, G.R.Pyatt, a Senior Foreign Service officer, arrived in Kyiv on August 3, 2013 as the eighth US Ambassador to Ukraine. His 24 year State Department career has ranged from Asia to Europe and Latin America. From May 2010 until July 2013, he was Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the South and Central Asia Affairs Bureau.

Full text of the letter at this link.

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