Argument to every deputy

Ukrainian gay – activists have prepared and sent a personal letter to every deputy of the Supreme Council, where the arguments were given in favor of bill 2342.

Argument to every deputy

442 is the number of envelopes sent by gay-activists to deputies of the Supreme Council. In letters the representatives of the LGBT community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders) prove the necessity to vote for bill 2342, which, among other things, amends the Labor Code to prohibit dismissal on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Gay activists have pointed out that there is a misconception: Article 24 of the Ukrainian Constitution already prohibits discrimination against people with a homosexual orientation. Unfortunately, in real life, the lack of this statement in Article 24 is interpreted as lack of the state protection for a vulnerable social group - the LGBT community. In practice, it’s almost impossible to bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes motivated by hatred towards the LGBT community in the courts.

Minority status in society for LGBT does not mean that the state can ignore this group of citizens, neglect their rights, do not listen to their opinion. The letter stated that, in fact, the LGBT community does not need special rights. Community seeks that everyone, rather than just the majority, could exercise their rights guaranteed by law: the right to a family, peaceful assembly, and freedom of expression. These rights are ordinary for heterosexual people, for example: to come to the hospital to a loved one or to get from him / her inheritance.

According to the authors of the letters, Ukraine will become a true state only when every citizen can feel safe without facing public stigma and discrimination.

The letter ends with a call to vote for bill 2342: to speak and vote on LGBT rights is not a shame! LGBT rights are human rights and life of concrete Ukrainians!

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